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COVID-19 Update from Fast

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related impacts on global logistics, your Swag Store order fulfillment may be temporarily delayed by our provider.  We appreciate your patience as the world deals with this crisis.  If we learn that your order is unable to be fulfilled, we will notify you. 

Fast Checkout & Fast Login
Frequently Asked Questions


Why didn’t I need to enter a username or a password?

We believe that usernames and passwords are a thing of the past. When you use Fast products and services, we use alternative authentication methods that don’t involve usernames and passwords, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering or using them ever again!


What is Fast Checkout?

Fast Checkout is a 1-click checkout. When you see a Fast Checkout button on your favorite website and have already signed up for Fast, press the button and your order is confirmed. There’s no need to add items to a cart. We’ll process your payment and get your order ready to go. 


What happens when I press “Fast Checkout?”

 If you’ve used Fast before, press Fast Checkout and you’re all set. We’ll give you some time to change a few order details, but that’s it. If your information is correct, we’ll go ahead and complete your order. 


 How do I edit my address?

 Right now, Fast doesn’t currently support address updates.  We’ll soon be launching a feature that enables you to update your shipping address on the Fast Checkout order confirmation page by clicking on the drop-down to edit your information. Soon, you’ll be able to do this in your very own Buyer Dashboard.


How do I change my card information?

We currently do not support card updates, but much like changing your address, you'll soon be able to click on a drop-down on the confirmation page to add a new card.  We’ll use that one instead.  Soon, you’ll also be able to update this information in a Buyer Dashboard dedicated to you. 


What is Fast Login?

Fast Login is our 1-click Login. When you see a Fast Login button on your favorite website, enter your email and give it a click. You’ll be all set. 


I want this for my business!

Want to use Fast Checkout or Fast Login for your business? Feel free to get in touch with us here. We’ll add you to our pre-registration list and be in touch when we’re ready to launch more broadly.

Fast Privacy & Security
Frequently Asked Questions


The Fast Trust Center is Coming Soon...


What kind of security do you use to protect my information?

Fast is serious about security and privacy. Maintaining both is vitally important to us. When you provide information to Fast or use its products, it is encrypted to keep your data as secure as possible (i.e., storing card credentials against the same, strict standards that banks and payments companies follow). Information stored on our servers is kept secure both physically and electronically by encrypting it at rest and in transit.


What information do you share with third parties?

Your personal information belongs to you. We only share information when you tell us to. For example, we send your shipping address to a Seller when you use Fast Checkout to buy something online.


Is Fast PCI compliant?

Fast works with industry leaders in the security space, including VGS (Very Good Security). Through our partnership, we are PCI Level 2 compliant and will be obtaining Level 1 over the next few months.  


What happens if my email account is hacked?

If your email account is compromised, your online identity becomes incredibly vulnerable to misuse. Since Fast doesn’t have usernames or passwords, your email account credentials will never be compromised by using our services. If your email address does get compromised, bad actors may attempt to use your Fast account.  While we’re always on the lookout for anomalous activity on the platform, please reach out to us if you believe an action was taken without your consent. We take these things seriously and will work with you to make things right. 


How do I delete my information?

While we’re currently building a buyer profile that will allow you to edit and delete your information, in the meantime, please reach out to us and we can delete your information. 

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