How do I change/edit my payment method?

💳 To add a card:

  1. Log into your Buyer Dashboard
  2. Click on the Payments icon found in the left navigation panel.
  3. Click the "Add Payment Method" button to add your new payment information

Note: You are able to store several payment methods on file and/or delete additional ones as long as one credit card is marked "default"

⏰ During the 5-minute checkout process you have the ability to update your payment method to a different option that is listed in your dashboard or you can add a new one during this window. If a payment option is not added or selected, the payment method chosen will be your "default" card in your dashboard.


📣 It's important to mention that updating your credit card information is only reflected on future orders. Payment methods can not be updated on current orders, if you need to update your payment details on a current order please contact the merchant directly. 

🤓 If you’d like to delete your account, feel free to send deletion requests to and we'll promptly honor your request. You can learn more about how we handle personal information by visiting our Privacy Policy at

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