How do I add multiple team members to my seller dashboard?

  1. Login to your Fast Seller Dashboard at
  2. Navigate to the Team tab


  3. Click "Add Team Member"

  4. Input the Team member's settings:


    Has full access.


    Has similar access to owners, except cannot add/edit Orgs or Apps. Can add/edit other users except for Owners.


    Can view developer info needed to install and test Fast on your sites.

    Customer Support

    Can view order payments status.


    Can view and download payments and payouts transaction data.

    View Only

    Cannot download payouts data.

  5. Click "Send invite"

  6. After a team member has accepted the invite, you can modify their settings at any time by clicking "Edit" on their profile in the Team tab

Access description:

Feature Description Owner Admin Developer Customer Support Analyst View Only
View Seller Dashboard Home Y Y Y Y Y Y
View Payments Y Y Y Y Y Y
View Payouts Y Y Y N Y N
View Profile Y Y Y Y Y Y
Payouts Download (See "Export" Button) Y Y N N Y N
View Install Snippets Y Y Y N N N
View/Add/Edit Users & Roles Y Y N N N N
View FAQ Y Y Y Y Y Y
Initiate Help Chat Y Y Y Y Y


*Note: only users with "Owner" role can onboard new stores under an existing Organization

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