Why am I getting an error during the onboarding process?

We’re sorry you’re having issues onboarding! You are likely seeing one of the following common errors:

  • Invalid website domainScreen_Shot_2020-12-16_at_1.31.36_PM.png
    • Please update your domain and try again
  • Website domain not using HTTPSScreen_Shot_2020-12-16_at_1.31.28_PM.png
    • Currently, Fast only supports websites with HTTPS, not HTTP
  • Stripe validation issueScreen_Shot_2020-12-17_at_5.07.03_PM.png Screen_Shot_2021-01-11_at_9.02.37_AM.png
    • Please check your Stripe information and try again
  • Invalid Org Profile Info (phone, address, name) 
    • Please update your organization profile information and try again
  • Mismatch between your login information and the login information of the person who created the Fast application for your organization (only relevant if the organization app already exists) 
    • Please ensure that you are using the login of the person that created the Fast application and try again
  • Invalid data for Checkout application (no currency, no/invalid return address if returns are accepted) 
    • Please update your currency and return address (if relevant) and try again


If the error you’re seeing doesn’t look like one of these, please contact us at seller-support@fast.co

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