Weekly Seller Report FAQs

What is the Weekly Seller Report?

The Weekly Seller Report is a weekly email from Fast containing key performance metrics for your store over the prior week, such as total transaction volume processed, average order value, and much more.

When can I expect to receive the Weekly Seller Report?

The Weekly Seller Report is sent out every Tuesday by 7am local time.

Who is eligible to receive the report?

All users with a store Owner, Admin or Analyst role on their Fast user account are eligible to receive the Weekly Seller Report.

How do I understand the metrics in the report?

  • Fast Merchant Volume (FMV): This is the amount of money from orders that were placed via Fast Checkout.
  • Fast Transactions: This is the total number of orders placed via Fast Checkout. This number includes both orders placed through shopping cart and on product detail pages.
  • Average Order Value (AOV): This is the average value of the orders placed through Fast Checkout. This is calculated by dividing FMV/Fast transactions.
  • PDP Percent: This is the percentage of transactions that are completed on your product detail pages. The higher this percentage, the lower your AOV may be. If you haven't already we recommend placing our button on your product pages as Fast Checkout is the only checkout solution for your product pages that drives incremental sales.
  • Share of Wallet: The percentage of all your transactions that go through Fast Checkout. The higher the percentage, the more your customers are using Fast Checkout as their preferred or only method of payment.

How do I subscribe to the report?

File a request via our Help Chat. Please mention you would like to subscribe to the Weekly Seller Report and provide:

  1. Your email associated with your Fast user account
  2. Your store name and website URL

You must have a store Owner, Admin or Analyst role on your Fast user account in order to receive the report for a given store. If you don't have this yet, please ask your store Owner or Admin to grant you access first via the Fast Seller Dashboard.

Note: By subscribing to the report, you may also start receiving marketing emails from Fast that you qualify for.

I have not received the Weekly Seller Report, what should I do?

Here are some common reasons for not receiving the report:

  • The current time is before the scheduled weekly send time. (We send it out every Tuesday by 7am local time)
  • Fast does not send a Weekly Seller Report if your store does not have any Fast transactions in the prior week.
  • You are currently not on the distribution list for the report. See instructions above on how to subscribe.
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